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Greg Stewart


Greg Stewart is a Scottish based paranormal researcher, author and keen explorer of the darker side of Scottish history, including the witch trials from the 16th to 18th centuries. He travels extensively across the haunted lands of Scotland collecting tales of ghosts and Scottish witches, visiting the places associated with the stories to get a real feel for them.


For Greg, being told somewhere is haunted was never enough. He wanted to know who haunted it and why, along with how long have reports of the haunting been made. Aided by a continuously growing collection of historical books to aid with researching, he would look back at the earlier writings covering the details and incidents. Interestingly, it is sometimes the case that the true, original story is darker than the version that has been handed down through generations. While carrying out this research, Greg also began to uncover other darker elements of history which did not have any reputed haunting connected, yet they were tales he deemed too interesting to be ignored and so he began to collate them.


Greg has written many books covering local history, the paranormal and the witch trials which have been published by Bradwell Books, The History Press, Amberley Publishing and Beul Aithris Publishing. He has also appeared on the Television show Help! My House is Haunted, worked on the show Spooked Scotland and has been interviewed on several radio stations.


Greg is also a principal member of Scottish Paranormal, one of Scotland's oldest paranormal research and investigation teams.

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