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Time for a shake-up!

Like so many people seem to have experienced, 2024 has been a difficult year. For me personally, I struggled to find time to write, it's not just physically putting words on paper, there are hours and hours of research that go into even a short article. There were other more important challenges to deal with and process.

It is not all doom and gloom, there have been many positives also, I have had a huge boost recently with my earlier work being recognised. Earlier work that I have thought many times about rewriting as I think they could be better and my style has changed a bit, but something always told me not to and perhaps this is the confirmation that they should be left as it was originally written.

And with that boost (details will be shared once finalised 😉) it now feels that it is the right time to get back to writing :-) I have so many projects and ideas it is unreal. Time to start closing the loops :-)

For anyone interested in previous titles, they are listed in the Book section of the website (I know, shameless self-promotion 😂) although I have noticed the mobile version of the website isn't working properly, the text is all over the place and in different sizes and the links aren't showing! So that's another job to add to the to-do list, another loop to close!

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